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Date: 20th August 1942
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♚ An Asgardian Deity in Midgard ♚ {+noah-nikitin}


Lately, Asgard had been one dull realm to stay in and Loki, who got easily bored couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps, visiting another realm was in place? It didn’t seem like anyone would mind him gone anyway as long as they had Thor, the golden son around.

So, instead of going to Heimdall and let everyone know he left, he used his magic to make a portal to Midgard. Where, he didn’t bother to specify - He just wanted to get away from the stress for a while.

When he entered the realm of the mortals, Loki noticed the place didn’t seem anywhere near as brightful as it had the last time he was there. Though what exactly had happened, he was yet to find out.

He turned around slightly when catching the sound of footsteps not too far away and noticed a young male. “You there,” he said to catch his attention and stepped over to him, curiosity dancing in his emerald green eyes. “May I ask what happened? Here, I mean…” he made a tiny gesture in the air in front of him as to signalize he meant what had happened to this place in general.


Ludwig was late on his way to the office. He overslept, what usual didn’t happen to him. Angry at himself for this he wrapped his arms around himself and speed up his walk. Avoiding looking into the face of the people crossing his way he suddenly heard a voice coming from an alley he just walked by. At first he didn’t react but as the black-haired  continued asking him, Ludwig stopped and turned around. 
With slight confusion and enviousness he gazed at the other. He had never seen someone before dressed so weird. Clearly he wasn’t in the mood to answer stupid questions, though he decided to talk to him, but ask him questions back. 
"What do you exactly mean?" 
He crossed his arms in front of his chest: “How are you and what is this?”, he nodded towards Loki’s armor. 

rpersanonfriend sent:

If you were to write an autobiography, what would you title it?

"That’s an interesting question since I already started to write something in that way. Most titles sound so cheesy, I guess it would be just my name."